Family Mental Health Initiative of Simcoe County

Welcome! For 17 years Family Mental Health Initiative of Simcoe County has been providing education and support to family members and friends of persons experiencing mental health difficulties in Simcoe County. Are you looking for support? Looking for information on mental illness? Looking to connect with others who live with mental illness in their family? You are not alone. 4 in 5 Canadians are indirectly affected by mental illness through family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Family Mental Health Initiative of Simcoe County provides education through community presentations, psycho-educational programs and printed material. Monthly you may receive information to your inbox when you subscribe online for our e-notices, it contains information about mental illness and mental wellness topics. There are opportunities for you to meet other family members and friends who know a person living with mental health difficulties; at community awareness events where you can socialize and connect, at psycho-educational programs where the same group of family members and friends attend weekly, this provides opportunities to get to know others better in a learning environment. You may also receive support and not leave the comfort of your home. Check out our social media, facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest - click on the icons to be taken directly to our pages, where additional articles, news reports and notices of events and programs are posted. What you read on one site is different from the others, you may like us or follow us to stay informed and connected. If you have questions, please feel free to call.

Need to Talk to Someone?

The Crisis Line 705-728-5044 or toll free 1-888-893-8333 for all of Simcoe County and Muskoka for youth and adults provides non-judgmental telephone support 24hrs/day 7days/week, face-to-face support (mobile service) within the City of Barrie is from 11am - 11pm daily, and short stay crisis beds. Crisis is determined by the individual. Who can contact crisis service? Anyone experiencing a personal crisis in Simcoe County and Muskoka Region, and family, friends or professional concerned about an individual. CARAH House (Courage And Recovery And Hope) is a non-judgmental, welcoming, secure and safe place to rest when feeling overwhelmed and alone, is an alternative to hospital stay, 5 community beds for short term stay for person 16+ (pets are welcomed).